So I'm back.... that first Blog post went well, so thought we might try it again...That being said, lets get no cover some exciting info I want to share with you, our avid visitors: that’s right, let’s talk about… a little known fact about your body: The New Body Process! 

Once most folks understand this fully it often leads to a more responsible lifestyle, hence more energy! So what is the most underrated and misunderstood truths of human biology?

 - - - That every few years, we are—No Joke -- A NEW BODY!

True, we already acknowledge this regeneration aspect about our hair, and our fingernails,because those body parts replace themselves at a speed that we can see. But did you know that the very hands that you are now holding this issue of Health Times
are not the same hands you had used back in 2009? The fingers you used to click your mouse or open this newsletter were not the same fingers you used in high school and college. The muscles in each of your fingers, the tendons, even the 27 bones in each hand—they are not the same bones and flesh that were there a few years ago. Your trillions of cells have each died, become metabolic waste that the body flushes out, and are replaced with new cells, new ingredients,that you have supplied through your food choices, beverage choices,etc.

Once you become aware of this simple  regeneration fact, and then see and feel that regeneration happening during a cleanse, a couple of questions usually starts to emerge in your mind. It is the  questions that we think should lie at the core of all nutritional and disease education:"What have I been replacing those  cells with? What is my cell replacement  program?"

Look at your arms, and your face. Think of your spleen, your blood stream, and your liver and stomach lining. Or your intestinal tract. All of those cells were not here a few years ago. They've all been replaced over time.

The reason people see their symptoms disappear after a cleanse—from digestive problems to skin problems to many others—lies in a simple, biological truth: our body is a self-regenerating, renewable system.

Our body is constantly rebuilding itself. Each cell, each organ, lives its life span, and then expires and is immediately replaced by new cells. Look at the typical replacement timetable for some of our body parts:
Muscles every 6 to 24  months

Red blood cells every  90 to 120 days

Our bones every  4 to 8 years

The intestinal  lining every 5 to 25 days

The  pancreas every 5 to 25 months
Give this some thought for a second. Think about your own "organ and tissue replacement program" over the past few years and decades. If it's true that you are a new body from the one you had just a few years ago, what have your particular replacement choices given you?

Would a higher level of nutrients, year after year, have given you a healthier, more symptom-free, more vibrantly alive body?

Once you personally witness the results of a cleansing program, the answers to those questions become obvious: you bet. Our vitality—and our symptoms—stem largely from our food choices. It also has a lot to do with what we drink, what we put on our
and what we think and how we feel!
Sooo, I ask again... What is your  cell replacement program?

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