As you know or will learn soon within this diatribe, is an amazing and quite impressive FREE business resource that is invaluable to small business owners, contractors and vendors and others wanting to win sales as well as professional employees and career-seekers looking to create and manage their career success.

If you wish to become known as a leader or the reigning expert in your field, niche or industry there are several things you can do on LinkedIN to become known. It’s all about branding yourself and that’s what you’ll learn here. And by the way, the term ‘Branding’ is synonymous with ‘Success’ and LinkedIN as a platform proves to be one of the best methods to create YOUR OWN PERSONAL BRAND!
by Rich Sadler, Marketing & Business Strategist - Awarded “Top 1%” status of over 200 Million LinkedIN users

We’re going to go through this step-step OK?!! Because it’s quite a bit of work, we’ll cover a few items at a time in each of the coming blog posts here. That way you can visit the blog, grab the assignment and take action. Then come back for more. Before long you’ll be set and have your own very strong brand. OK, let’s get started with your personal / business profile: 
- Your Photo - Utilize a very good picture of yourself. Preferably in a business or professional setting where people can see your face. (Note: No photos taken with a Cellphone Camera) No sunglasses or other obstructions  – Let people see your face, eyes and your smile clearly. This will allow them to connect with you better, more personal level.
Tailor the photo background to your potential customers or employers. Be sure to change and refresh your photo at least once per quarter. Oh, and this should go without saying but you’d be surprised what some of my clients have done… please make YOU the only one in your photo. No spouse, partners of pets. And finally please know: this is NOT the place for your logo. There are other places on LinkedIN for that graphic, which we’ll cover in subsequent posts. Stay tuned…
Rich Sadler is a well-known Marketing & Business Strategist, Certified Business Advisor, Radio Host, Marketing Director, Sales Manager, Trainer of Trainers and Master Copywriter You can reach Rich or a staff member through his LinkedIn profile:

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