Hi folks, those who know me well, know I’m not as computer literate as most people so you may have to bare with me as I do what I can to manage this blog. So lets get started with one of the issues I'm most known for... the fact that Most Business Owners get Marketing Backwards
As you may have read in the Introduction and Getting to Know Rich section, I started working in the conventional advertising world in 1987, starting in broadcast industry. Because I’m blessed to be a very fast learner and extremely tenacious it wasn’t long before I was honored to rise to the top of that profession – and also became the very first Co-op Director in Florida working with major corporations all over the country and calling on some of the top advertising agencies on the globe.

Becoming very frustrated with what I perceived as a system of clear disservice and ineffectiveness to the clients, I struck out on my own and systematically discovered a magnitude of secrets and eventually developed effective, efficient, Results-Driven marketing techniques and strategies. More on that as go along here but first and foremost we have to really lay the ground work for the fact that I’ve truly come to believe that most businesses don’t need to advertise at all.    

That’s right, I advocate that most businesses do not need to engage in conventional advertising and if and when they do, typically just become Advertising Victims. The key is recognizing the vast distinction between Advertising and Marketing and understanding the vital Marketing Triangle: the Message, Market, Media match; 
Step number one; MESSAGE: MUST be to create our USP (Unique Selling Proposition). What sets us apart from others in our industry (or may provide the same solutions that our products provide)?

HINT: Answer the following question: “Why Should I, Your Ideal Client Or Patient, Do Business With You Versus Every Other Option Available To Me?... Including Doing Nothing…

Step number two; MARKET: will be to identify the market in which we want to attract (in most cases also identify whom we want to repel: do not want to attract). In many cases we will want to approach several segments / categories of the market and will address each group/class with a different message

Step number three; MEDIA: will be to pick the media we choose to apply our message to our chosen market. There is not bad or erroneous media necessarily but it’s typically how and what we say to that market and therefore what media is to be utilized to reach them.  
What is essential, absolutely critical requirements to becoming a great Marketer:

The ability to fog a mirror!

Almost requirements:
1. The ability to count
2. The ability to read
3. The ability to talk /communicate

Non-requirement but Sure Would Help in Your Endeavors
1. The ability to weigh risks against rewards

That’s right, the whole point here is anyone can become a great marketer; with a good bit of effort and some time invested. The great news is no one needs to become a great marketing when you can hire Your Own Marketing Director…

(surely you know I was going to eventually mentioned that, right?)
See you soon, Rich

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