Ok, this is our last in our little series on this Small Business Marketing blog post. The question that started this stream of thought, Q & A and is below and you can find my answers to question two by clicking here.  

Allen T from New Hampshire asks: “Rich, I’ve heard a lot of about Email Marketing and Pay Per Click. As you know I’m on a budget and have been burnt and ripped-off before my non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’ scammers. My question is: should we add these in and make them part of our Marketing Plan or maybe not? Thank you” 

Rich answers: Allen, there’s a few things to consider here and I’m thrilled you asked the question. In fact within your question are really three chief factors and I’d like to address each of them separately:  
a) non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’
b) small business marketing ‘on a budget’
c) make Email Marketing and Pay Per Click part of our Marketing Plan


- Proper Email Marketing is going to take funds to attain a list– time to do that is down the road when money is flowing and we can afford a Quality List and Know it will work because the timing is right and we have all the other pieces in place.

- PPC (Pay Per Click) can be very expensive and until the site and our whole marketing structure in place we’ll not really derive all the use out of the funds for this method anyway… need every dime to count… so this one has to wait until funds are flowing as well. 
The focus has to be on maximizing whatever funds are available and get clients and members. The best, most efficient and effective way to do this is through natural means. Throwing a lot of money at it won’t work anyway… it’ll just cause even more frustration. 
All we’ll need to do (at least in the beginning phases) is to stay in line with Google’s original Mission
Statement:  "To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Since they hold 77% of the online market, we’ll simply feed that beast (as well as the other engines) - by being relevant! 
Then we’ll attack the other techniques and methods (including Offline) that require funds later. Make sense? 
Whether you are a seasoned business owner or new entrepreneur, let’s face it its vital to learn How to Promote Your Business or if it’s not your thing, hire it out. Either way, conducting wise and effective Small
Business Marketing will always pay off huge dividends. Best of all – done right – will explode profits and increase your bottom-line! 
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Both things are different. Email marketing may be used to retain a customer and generating new leads but PPC is far better for generating fresh leads rather than retaining customer.


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