Let’s continue where we left off from our last Small Business Marketing blog post. The question that started this stream of thought, Q & A and is below and you can find my initial answer to question one by clicking here.  

Allen T from New Hampshire asks: “Rich, I’ve heard a lot of about Email Marketing and Pay Per Click. As you know I’m on a budget and have been burnt and ripped-off before my non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’ scammers. My question is: should we add these in and make them part of our Marketing Plan or maybe not? Thank you” - - 

Rich answers: Allen, there’s a few things to consider here and I’m thrilled you asked the question. In fact within your question are really three chief factors and I’d like to address each of them separately:  
a) non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’
b) small business marketing ‘on a budget’
c) make Email Marketing and Pay Per Click part of our Marketing Plan

Let’s handle the next one, shall we? #2: SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING ON A BUDGET

Allen, since your BtoB business has unfortunately expended a lot of funds needlessly I’m of the considered opinion that we shouldn’t do things like Email Marketing nor do we need to spend any money on Pay Per Click quite yet. 

No reason to waste any more money learning How to Promote Your Business, right? Not a single dime. Let’s actually DO classic Small Business Marketing and make every penny work to its maximum, what do ya’ say?

That being said, allow me to clear up a huge misnomer out there: HUGE BUDGETS ARE NOT NECESSARY for proper and strong Business Growth –It’s a myth that it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to conduct effective Small Business Marketing. There’s always a way to be affordable!               
Granted having a sizable budget is going to certainly make things easier and work a bit quicker and smoother but often those who are out there toting that huge budgets are a must and ‘the only way’,  specially in Internet Marketing’, are similar to the Wizard of Oz saying that he’s Great and Powerful.
As the old saying goes: “Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain”   

If you don’t have a huge budget you may, in some way, have an advantage over those that do possess deep pockets. Reason I state this whether you are doing BtoB (Business to Business) or BtoC 0(Business to Consumer) it’s easier to make huge mistakes when you have huge funds. You tend to shoot then aim. Versus when you are working on moderate or limited funds you have to Aim Then Shoot. 

So the best Strategy to deploy when it comes to Small Business Marketing is to start out doing those things that will maximize your funds and then dip into the Paid Marketing pool a bit later by funneling the funds from the results back into the campaign(s). 

Noticed I mentioned RESULTS! ‘ll cover more on this topic later but know there are very solid ways to Produce Big Results with a Small Marketing Budget. 
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