Surely you’ve done it.  Come on, you can admit it. We’ve all done it from time to time. I know I have on occasion. Heck, even my own dear ole’ Mom admits to doing it.  

At one time of another we’ve all seen an item on the shelf in a store that we were interested in and thought: “MMM, wonder what I can get this for on-line?”. And lets face it with technology being what it is,
there’s a heightened chance that you have in fact on more than one occasion scoped some type of commodity of one sort or another and then went and bought it on eBay, Amazon or any one of
dozen available consumer websites.

We’ll there’s actually a name for this type of activity and it’s got retailers of America up in arms. Its called “Showrooming.”  It’s the practice of checking out a product in-store only to buy it online at a discount. 
And a new study regarding Showrooming behavior shows how it affects our retailers.  

Bottom-line folks, if you care about Small Business Marketing, Advertising or Promotions and/or if you own or operate any type of retail establishment selling products (or even services in some cases) this will a very revealing report and graph you’ll surely want to check out. See chart below (and click for the story) >>>

More on this practice and how best to combat it and WIN in a subsequent blog posting… stay
tuned. Rich Sadler

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