Picking up from where we left off in our last Small Business Marketing blog post. The question that started this stream of thought, Q & A and is below and you can find my answers to question one 

Allen T from New Hampshire, USA asks: “Rich, I’ve heard a lot of about Email Marketing and Pay Per Click. As you know I’m on a budget and have been burnt and ripped-off before my non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’ scammers. My question is: should we add these in and make them part of our Marketing Plan or maybe not? Thank you” - - 

Rich answers: Allen, there’s a few things to consider here and I’m thrilled you asked the question. In fact within your question are really three chief factors and I’d like to address each of them separately:  
a) non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’

b) small business marketing ‘on a budget’

c) make Email Marketing and Pay Per Click part of our Marketing Plan

Let’s continue with the remainder for: #1:  Non-Performing So-Called‘Internet Marketers’


1) Look for a Small Business Marketing organization that has a track record. And one who preferably has a strong and talented team behind them. It’s also a good idea to ask about their operational approach and philosophy. Do they seem to do hit & run style marketing and turn clients at a rapid pace or do they do so more on the basis of establishing long term relationships. 
2) Will they tell you like it is or do they flower the reality just to get the business? Although I have  grimaced when doing so, we have on many occasions, regrettably had to point out the foibles from those who came before us. Frequently didn’t want to but I feel we owe our clients that much. You must get the straight scoop from your Advisor or Consultant - even and especially if it’s painful!  
3) Attempt to locate Small Business Advisors who understand and practice Targeted, Direct Response
Marketing. And then pick one for whom this unique style of Marketing is not just a passion and a true love but it’s also a full time profession – or close to it.

4) While admittedly it may be a rarity, try to find a Small Business Marketing professional who may do at
least a portion of his/her work on the basis of performance. Granted no true professional can do it solely on that basis (beware the one who may make this claim – they’re likely to do more harm than good) as there are unavoidable hard expenses. But it’s a very good thing for them to have some skin-in-the-game and a handsome incentive to do your bidding well, right? 
5) And lastly… find someone who believe in your business and can articulate so – nearly as well as you can. Bottom-line is this: unless they truly believe in what you’re doing and the integrity of your goals and aspirations, they won’t really be willing to focus their skills, expertise and time and that of their team on your project. And least not properly and in-line with your Hierarchy of Priorities.  
A final word of caution with this topic: once you find that right Small Business Marketing professional be absolutely sure you are ready for it. Because you can very easily go from a serious Marketing Problem to having a very real Capacity Problem quite quickly.  

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