Recently received a GREAT question from a new Small Business Marketing client that I’m posting below (name changed). Happens to be a query we’ve gotten often so let’s address it thoroughly here and now. 

“Rich, I’ve heard a lot of  about Email Marketing and Pay Per Click. As you know I’m on a budget and have  been burnt and ripped-off before by non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’scammers. My question is: should we add these in and make them part of our Marketing Plan or maybe not?”
- -  Allen T, New Hampshire, USA. 

Allen, there’s a few things to consider here and I’m thrilled you asked the question. In fact within your question are really three chief factors and I’d like to address each of them separately:  
a) non-performing so-called ‘internet marketers’
b) small business marketing ‘on a budget’
c) make Email Marketing and Pay Per Click part of our Marketing Plan

Let’s handle them one at a time shall we? #1: Non-Performing So-Called ‘Internet Marketers’

Truly I wish the fact that you have had several so-called ‘internet marketers’ come through your business and not perform was an anomaly. But unfortunately when, as a business owner you’re learning How to Promote Your Business and trying do Small Business Marketing either by yourself or hiring any Small Business Advisors, sometimes it’s going to happen.   

Tend to think it’s happen to us all at one time or another. Frankly I haven’t the first clue as to why someone would not do a job they’ve been tasks to do, but I suppose you have that sort in every field of endeavor. And yes certainly it seems to be prevalent in some ‘Internet Marketing” circles. Of course once we’ve been burnt by so-called professionals with little to no success it’s entirely understandably that we become somewhat gun-shy and skeptical. Make sense. Granted Allen I know you have already done much of the following (as you hired us) but it’s a good exercise nonetheless. A few brief points on that subject of locating a great Advisor or Consultant resource for proper and strong Business Growth: 

1) First things first: A vital point to keep in mind here is: Most will tell you they are “in the Internet arketing Business”. I say THERE IS NO SUCH THING! You’re either in the ‘Marketing Business’ or you’re not. The Internet is simply media. It’s a tool, like any other. Like billboards, brochures, newspaper and magazine ads, business and rack cards, etc. Granted the internet is a very powerful and extremely  economical tool, but a tool in your toolbox of methods nonetheless. I’d strongly recommend picking an organization based upon the fact that they do all types and style of Marketing: Off-line and On-line. And as I tell my team members all the time: the only prerequisite for any technique or method we deploy for our clients is: Results!     
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